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adidas Success Story: 42% conversion growth with Facebook Collections

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Alexander Schipanov, a digital marketing specialist at adidas, and Bulat Lambaev, head of brand and agencies development at Aitarget, share their experience of increasing ad conversions by 42% using Facebook Collections.


This summer, adidas decided to change their Facebook ads strategy with the goal of increasing both the number of orders and average sale.

Together with Aitarget, adidas decided to test Collections, a new Facebook feed mobile ad format that pairs video and images with relevant products to drive discovery.

The new format was intended to serve two purposes:

  • Increase conversions from mobile traffic: while mobile traffic was rising, its conversion rate had been lower than desktop traffic.
  • Inform users about new adidas collections: the new collections are more lucrative.


There were different Collection ads from three categories: Running, Soccer, and Originals. The audiences were specified for each, based on interests and custom audiences collected from users’ behaviour on the adidas website.

The creative comprised a brand video of the new collection with the products from the video under it. A click on a particular product opened a catalogue of all items from the new collection. All products were cached in advance, so the webpage loaded immediately as soon as a user went to the website.

The ads were optimised for website conversions and shown only to the users that would be more likely to make a purchase.


  • 15% growth in average spend;

  • 42% growth in conversion rate;

  • 120% growth in average interaction with the ad.

"We are satisfied with the test of the Collections format. The results say it all. On top of that, the new format helped to tie up the goals of our brand marketing and e-commerce departments: to gain awareness and interaction with prioritised collections, and to get the conversion traffic in the webstore,” says Schipanov.

Collection Ad Elevation

Facebook has just opened up the Canvas in Instagram ad format, an “instant” post-click experience. Entry into a Canvas from Instagram feed is available for single image, single video, and slideshow; and from Stories -- for single image or single video only.

We at Aitarget believe that new formats work better, are more attractive and moneymaking, like new collections. We are excited to offer this innovative advantage to you.

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