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Aitarget’s Love Letter

Five Ws to boost sales over Valentine’s Day


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has always been a great chance for retailers and e-merchants to drastically increase sales. The 14th of February this year is no exception, which is why we are giving you, the people we love, a series of short tips on how to take advantage of this lovely time.


Because Facebook and Instagram users are also consumers and they are looking for inspiration, for ways to show their emotions and find heartfelt gifts. By Facebook’s statistics, conversation about Valentine’s Day on its platform grew 1.7 times compared to the previous year.

Because Valentine’s Day is estimated to bring in $18 billion in sales this year -- that's second best after Christmas!

Because Facebook Ads Manager is a handy way to deliver a crafted massage to the proper audience. The platform has a vast range of intricate ad settings for creating and launching your ad campaign, but it’s quite intuitive through Aitarget’s tool and support.


Last Valentine’s Day statistics say people discuss romance, loved ones and date nights at a similar rate regardless of their gender, so it’s not a miss to include everyone. However, Facebook suggests you “connect with younger, gift-hunting shoppers, especially men, who will be doing most of the Valentine’s gift spending”. Therefore, spending your ad budget on men only is also a good option.

Don’t exclude Antis and Singles. Approximately 4.5% of all conversation around the date is focused within the anti-Valentine’s Day topic, driven by mostly younger millennials. Facebook knows when couples break up; take advantage of the moment and fill the void in the broken hearts with a gift. Target your ads by Relationship Status, for an extra sneak.

What about non-romantic love? Adweek suggests to also reach out to those not in a romantic relationship “with uplifting reminders to celebrate the many kinds of love in their lives”, including family love, friendship love, love for pets, and love for their adorable selves.

Thus, depending on the type of goods you sell, we advise you adjust your creatives considering relationship status, gender (create separate ad sets for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives), age, as well as retargeting your loyal customers. The more specific your ad is, the more personal it feels to a potential customer. If you have a pixel on your website, running a successful campaign on Facebook, you can create new ads using these data.

Let’s say you have a jewelry store and your pixel accumulated some information about men browsing female rings on your website. Isn’t around Valentine’s Day the best time to show in that guy’s Instafeed the ring he’s just seen on your website?


Talk about the same thing and adjust your colours to tailor your creative to the holiday.

Gifts, travel, and “date night” are the centre of attention before and after Valentine’s Day. Tweak your creative to deliver your key message that resonates with customers on an emotional level. If you get stuck with the message, the old same “roses are red, violets are blue...” will always do.

I want your #love. #love, #love, #love: introduce a holiday-related hashtag and ask users to post something for the chance to win a prize. The most popular Valentine’s Day-related hashtags on Instagram are #vday, #love, #cute, #happy, #my_valentine, #beautiful, etc.

Include offers and discounts: 28% of US users say they chose their last purchase channel thanks to a special offer. Coupons with an expiry date (be it for a discount, or free shipping, or another gift) encourage quick purchases. Don’t miss out!


If you haven’t started your Valentine’s Day campaign, do it as soon as possible as it is coming up very soon.

...And Keep Going: nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t start thinking of their gifts until a week before the holiday.

But don’t be stressed out if you haven’t done anything yet: according to Facebook's US data, in 2016 a combined 23% of the Valentine’s Day-related conversation happened in the three days prior, 56% of that on the day itself. Some topics were discussed even after the holiday. So go ahead!


Go classics: 34% of surveyed US shoppers said Facebook is a good place to find out about new products and services, and 30% named Instagram as their top destination.

Instagram Stories is another good option. Aim for the new carousel format in Stories and ask us about its availability. In general, Carousel Ads are more effective as they show the full range of your products to make customers’ choices easier.

Also bring the main focus to mobile platforms: in 2016 in the US, 89% of Valentine’s Day-related posts, videos, and photos were shared through mobile. Make sure your brand and products are discoverable and accessible on mobile, and simplify searching for gifts for users.

That’s it! Oh, wait, there’s something more to mention...

Remember, all tips are also applicable to Snapchat, a unique platform full of millenials’ loving hearts. We at Aitarget are always within your reach and ready to answer your most crucial questions: How? Altogether we will make your love story complete across the Social Media.

With love,


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