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All Verified Pages Can Now Promote a Live Broadcast While Live

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Previously, live videos could only be promoted with ads after the live broadcast ended.

Marketers experiment with live video on Facebook a lot. Some brands are using Live as a medium for major events, including access to exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, product launches, and how-to tutorials. Additionally, some brands are using Live to activate existing sponsorships and endorsements.

Now verified Pages (with a blue badge) can promote a Facebook Live video during the broadcast.

By promoting your live broadcast, you'll have the ability to increase distribution of these efforts to more of the people you care about while they're happening.


How quickly will delivery start after I promote a live video?

Delivery should begin within minutes after a live video has been promoted but can take up to ~15 minutes. Volume and speed of delivery will depend on a number of factors, including delivery type (accelerated vs. standard), targeting specificity and budget. As a general principle, longer broadcasts will see more delivery while live and broadcasters should plan to be live for at least 30 minutes if they want to see delivery while live.

What ad objectives are enabled for promoting a live video while live?

Video Views, Brand Awareness and Post Engagement objectives are enabled today.

Can I schedule promotion of a live in advance? 

Not at this time. Advertisers can create campaigns and ad sets in advance of the broadcast, but will still need to choose the live broadcast and submit the ad once the broadcast has begun.

How will reporting work? Will delivery while live vs. on-demand be split out?

There are no new metrics for Facebook Live and it's not possible to break out delivery while live vs. on-demand (after the broadcast ends).

What incremental reach should I expect when I promote a live video while live?

This will vary depending upon the campaign set-up including delivery type (accelerated vs standard), targeting, budget, bid, and user feedback. Advertisers should consider promoting the broadcast both while live and after the broadcast ends in order to achieve more predictable reach.

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