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Business Breakfast at Snapchat

"It was very thorough, and the variety of different speakers covering different topics worked very well.”

-- Neil Garrett, OMG Media

First cup of coffee ☕

Even though it was 8:30am on a Friday, it was a full house on 19 January: around 50 hungry marketers from various verticals, including beauty bloggers, video production companies, recruitment agencies, financial technology, and more gathered for breakfast in Snapchat’s London office.

Snapchat is growing rapidly, with its European daily users almost doubling in the last two years, leaping from 29 million in 2015 to 46 million in 2016 then 57 million in 2017. Many advertisers are aware of Snapchat’s potential, but they are yet to get a piece of the pie. We created this event with Snapchat to demonstrate the power of Snapchat ads.

So what was on the menu? Our breakfast event covered all facets of the Snap Ads cycle - from creation, launching, measurement to automation - and Aitarget comes into play across them all.

Antipasti 🍤 · Aitarget for Snapchat

We started the event with a presentation by our Head of Business Development, Anita Koimur. She provided an overview of what Aitarget can do and how we help businesses to master Snapchat campaigns.

Check out how we make sure your ads always hit the target!

Aitarget provides you with instant Snap Ad Account access and an AI-powered technical solution along with friendly support from our mathematical and economic strategists.

Snap Royale 🍳 · Snap Ads and why use them

We then welcomed to the stage David Shaw (Head of Product Strategy EMEA, Snap Inc.).

It’s phenomenal how far Snapchat ads have grown in the past year: it’s now an optimum platform to achieve various objectives such as impression goals, CPM, app install, video views, etc. Snapchat’s 178 million daily users, globally, spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Snapchat, and you can communicate with them through Snapchat filter, lens, images, gifs and videos, which can be designed easily, for free, through Snapchat Studio. Along with Snapchat’s unique audience of millennials, David mentioned the greatest advantage is the nature of Snapchat Ads. With the ‘swipe up’ functionality, everything is deliberate and there are no accidental clicks. Ultimately, the ads will have a higher conversion rate and be more profitable. Remember, the main goal is to get the audience to ‘swipe up’, therefore make your CTA as interactive as possible (yummy tip!).

Snap Benedict 🍳 · Shipped & Coming

Snapchat’s product vision is to drive ROI, focus on Snapchatters, elevate measurement, and ruthlessly simplify. After David unveiled the nature of its ads, Fintan Gillespie (Head of Consumer App, Gaming and Streaming, Snap Inc), specified what’s been achieved and what’s coming in ad strategies. Snapchat ads have grown from Auction Only to Self Services and have introduced various creatives such as cinemagraph and gif ads in 2017. Snapchat’s first party data helps businesses to drive their ads ROI by narrowing down the catalogues (lifestyle, device, age, global & events) and targeting a very specific audience. Snapchat is now testing for two new features: deep linking and web auto-filling (see more in Adweek). Snapchat is also planning to launch post-install event reporting and flexible reporting.

So there’s plenty to look forward to.

Snap Florentine 🍳 · Master the Creative

Everything is important in the ad process, but creative is the key factor to make your campaign stand out from the Snapcrowd. Guests were very fortunate to have Mark Caroll (Creative Strategist, Snap In.), who gave them Four Snap Ad Golden Rules:

1. Build your Snaps for five seconds or less

It’s the first two seconds that counts, so Mark recommends keeping your message three to five seconds long and making a good first impression.

2. Keep your objective in mind 🎯

Be direct in showing what it is all about. Remember that a CTA is just a way to get the audience to complete the goal you are aiming for. Use a simple visual way to bring it to life.

3. Feature singular message 🎬

You will need to promote yourself in a simple, singular message. Keep it short and sweet! Five seconds is too little to cover all treats of your product. Choose the main benefit, and stick to it.

4. Use purposeful sound design 🎵

Snapchat fact: 60%+ of Snapchatters have sound on. So use this to your advantage and produce a purposeful sound design along with creative visuals. Remember, your ad might look great, but it must also sound great!

Dessert 🍰 · BetterMe Cupcase

BetterMe is an easy and effective at-home weight loss app for women. It has more than one million installs on Android Play and more than two million likes on its Facebook page. The app provides workouts and meal plans to help women lose weight effectively at their own pace without costly gym memberships or personal trainers. We are very grateful our client representative Yuliya Chumachenko, who came all the way from Ukraine to participate in our event. Now let’s crunch the numbers: by using the Aitarget tool, BetterMe’s Snapchat ads campaign doubled the app’s traffic, decreased the cost per purchase by 30% and increased by almost a third (30%) the conversion from install to purchase. With the latest features and support Snapchat ads are providing, Aitarget’s support would be the icing on the cake for your ad campaign.

If you didn’t manage to attend the breakfast, we’ve got a hamper for your Snapchat picnic 👝

Snapchat is fresh, trendy, and native with the millennial audience. Users’ intention to communication with your business through your ad is always deliberate, which gives businesses a much higher conversion rate and is more profitable. During the Q&A, a guest raised a concern whether Snapchat ads are suitable for smaller businesses. With the transformation of Snapchat ads, you can now start running a Snapchat ad from as little as £50. As a Snapchat marketing partner, we are here to help you leverage this funky platform for your businesses.

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