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Check out the Aitarget tool latest updates!


Good Monday to everyone! 😉

We’re happy to share with you the latest updates of the Aitarget tool.

What's New

1. We’ve added an automatic creation of campaign names and adsets. The automatic name consists of the date of creating and the objective of the current campaign:

2. We’ve added the “Сopy ad campaigns” option in the main dashboard:

During copying, you can specify a name for the copied campaign, and set up a status for a created object (Active or Paused):

3. We’ve added tracking of filling out your asset feed when creating campaigns for DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization). To familiarize yourself with the requirements for working with DCO, You can check the Technical Requirements for DCO campaigns by this link:

In case your feed does not meet the Facebook's requirements by the link, you will get a warning:

4. We’ve added displaying the objective when editing adsets:

Keep following us - there is much more to come!

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