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October 2017

· Aitarget tool,Updates

We do our best to constantly improve the Aitarget tool for you. Today we would like to introduce several tool updates!

What's New

1. You can now work with ruleset templates in our Automation Presets.

Each template follows a specific ad campaign automation strategy. When you choose a suitable template, rulesets with appropriate strategies are added to your automation. All you have to do is add proper values for rulesets to work and set a sync period.

Click here to learn more. Our experts are updating a list of available ruleset templates. Stay tuned!

2. We have added new functionality for the “Change Bid” action in automations -- now you can shift the “Change Bid” mode from “autobid” to manual.

3. Our tool now supports optimization for “App Events” in ad campaigns for mobile apps.

4. The tool also supports multi-video upload for DCO operations. Now you can set multiple videos to be uploaded and added to the asset feed.

5. Reminder: with ads automation, the “Change Bid” action will not work if an “average bid” is set. We’ve added this prompt for you:

6. Splitting by platforms is now supported for campaign setup.

Two adsets are created for you (one for each of the supported platforms) when you select the said option in targeting settings.

7. We have added a preview option for DCO ads.

8. We have added a new statistics element "Potential Reach" (available on the adset level).

9. You can now choose statistics from Google Analytics as a parameter for graph building.

Learn more about integration with Google Analytics here.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more updates!

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