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Creative storytelling for your brand with Linked Canvases on Facebook

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Facebook lets you seamlessly link Canvases together.

If you haven't yet seen this incredible creative by Victoria’s Secret, check it out:

Although it may look difficult to replicate, it is actually very easily done.

The first fullscreen item you see is a regular canvas with clickable elements containing URLs to other simple canvases.

Follow these steps to make a similar engaging creative experience for your brand.

Step 1. Canvas creation

Start with creating your destination canvases, which users will see after they make a choice. You can make as many of them as you like.

In the Victoria’s Secret’s Ad one of the canvases was linked to a video, but you can use any Ad format for this.

After choosing your Ad format click Add a fullscreen Canvas. And then, Create New.

You can choose one of the three available templates provided by Facebook, create your own canvas from scratch or use an already existing one (Use Existing).

Check the specs and format requirements here before you get started.

Click Save and click Finish afterwards.

Step 2. Get your link

When your Canvas is finished, click Preview.

In the preview window press Get URL.

Copy the link and save it somewhere for later.​

Now you have to create the main canvas which would lead to the others.

The creation process is the same. You can make most of the canvas components clickable, so you can link them to your destination canvases later.

Step 3. Link them together

Choose a part of your main canvas to lead to other canvases and insert one of the previously saved canvas URLs into the Destination field.

Complete and save your new masterpiece by clicking Finish.

Et voila! You’re ready.

Got any questions left? Ask us.

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