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Мeet Аutomations 2.0

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Today we are happy to present you with the new improved version of our automation feature. Your feedback made a valuable contribution to its development and we have put some great effort into making our tool more user-friendly and practical.

Automation 2.0 will become available to all users within the next 48 hours.


1. Now you can also create Automations for campaigns

It is an easy way to automate all ad sets within one campaign.

2. You can see the latest activation time on the dashboard

3. Choose a flexible automations scheduling

4. All rules will now be applied successively. This allows to take into account any changes to Facebook object status initiated by preceding rules.

5. Now the feature allows setting comparison between stats parameters (i.e. Adds to cart vs Purchases) in addition to the previously available Parameter - Value.

6. Also for each ruleset you can create a sequence of multiple actions instead of just one

7. You can use the rule automation created earlier by selecting them in the list

8. The history of your automations is now available in the new Logs section which can be accessed from the dashboard

The interface now shows structured data which can be filtered to display the information you need

You can also check the details on every automation run

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If you are a contracted client (using the option D), feel free to contact your Aitarget manager for more information and assistance.

If you are an Autobilling or option A - C client, please feel free to contact our support team via the online chat or reach us at

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