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Event Source Group. A comprehensive cross-device analytical instrument for your advertising campaign.

Continuing our series of articles about Facebook opportunities for eCommerce and retail.

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Previously we already wrote about the platform capabilities that are available to advertisers involved in performance-promotion. For instance, we published an article about offline conversions measuring methods; there is also an article about the mobile applications promotionon Facebook Help section.

At the website reference section, you can also find instructions on how to add a Facebook Pixel, check your product feed to run the DPA (Dynamic Product Ads), register and prepare your app for the promotion on Facebook.

These all are different products for different purposes and campaigns.

However, Facebook does not stop in its development and is moving forward in creating a full and complete opportunity for creating a cross-device analytics and statistics for your ads.

What is it about?

The new product is called Event Source Group and is currently fully available only to users on Whitelist.

Therefore, this ‘product’ is for you if you are an advertising expert and use all methods to promote your product/service including a mobile application previously registered on Facebook, a website with added Pixel to track and optimize your conversion, as well as offline data collection.

Event Source Group (ESG) is a cross-device structure that ties all types of data on website conversions, in the app or offline. Facebook offers to unite its data with your tracking and CRM data to keep track of purchases cost and make ads more personalized- taking into account the actions of the client at a particular channel.

How to try the Event Source Group?

Creating such a "group of events" is available at the Facebook Business Manager section.

This group of events will allow you to combine all of your data sources, getting the full picture of your advertising on a site.

Summary Analytics is available in the Ads Manager and Business Manager sections.

Note that advertisers do not necessarily have to have all three links of the chain - a combination of the two is also possible.

We as Facebook marketing partner are ready to help our customers and are open to suggestions.

We are going to tell you about other new products in the nearest future – for example, about the Dynamic Product Ads for Travel (currently available only for hotels).

and Dynamic Product Ads for Prospecting — dynamic ads targeted for a wider audience (already available to launch).

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

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