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For which purpose advertising can be used in case of Facebook Audience Network audience?

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The network, which was launched back in 2014, previously representing a network of publishers of mobile apps for advertising, at the moment, also includes those who integrated Instant Articles, that is the Mobile Web. You can learn about the available formats through the link.

First of all, Facebook Audience Network allows advertisers to significantly extend their campaigns beyond Facebook, using absolutely the same targeting options.

What does this mean? For advertisers, it means a greater number of advertising platforms and a lower cost of advertisement, for developers it is another way to monetize their apps.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that Audience Network achieved a turnover of $ 1 billion in 2015. It is an impressive result for a tool launched less than two years ago.

Moreover, currently, the total amount of time spent by users in mobile applications with Audience Network is 6% (for comparison, Twitter and Snapchat cumulate around 3%, according to Comscore).

Such volume also reflects the degree of how the network of partner audiences is transforming the focus of mobile advertising, primarily because of its native appearance.

It is worth noting that, according to the IHS study, conducted in March 2016, about 63.2% of mobile advertising is going to be native by 2020, what is approximately equal to $ 53 billion USD in total advertising spending.

The trend is already obvious - the percentage of apps using the native format of advertising in Audience Network has increased 10 times starting from the first quarter of 2015, and now comprises 83% of the entire network.

Here is an example of how the native format of advertising looks like in the Audience Network.

Additionally, the study showed that the rate of user involvement in the ads of native format is 20-60% above the conventional ads rate.

This format generates higher Retention Rate (three times greater than the average), eCPM (twice higher) and the CTR.

We also suggest paying attention to this report showing that Facebook Audience Network is a way to promote makes up an average of 16% of the total advertising budget, generating 21% of installs. To put it simply - Facebook Audience Network increases the number of installs by an average of 26%.

According to the study, app-install ads served via Facebook Audience Network had a 65% higher click-through rate (1.4%) compared to native ads on Facebook (0.8%). Cost per thousand impressions for Facebook Audience Network app-install ads was 72% lower than Facebook native ads. And finally, cost-per-install for Facebook Audience Network ads were 28% lower than Facebook native ads.

Furthermore, please note that according to our data, the cumulative increase of the audience available for targeting in Russia is several times greater with the Audience Network introduction.

Of course, there is some criticism of the Audience Network - namely, the apparent lack of control. What does it mean?

In fact, the advertiser, while checking the «Audience Network» checkbox in the list of placements, cannot know in advance what application exactly will display the ads – it is solely defined by Facebook algorithms.

Here comes the question: 

"What if I don’t want my ads to appear on a specific topic applications or any other applications?"

The answer is already here. Facebook is significantly expanding the existing range of the Audience Network options, in particular:

• Option to block some specific categories: advertisers will be able to exclude their ads from "sensitive" (undesirable) categories. These categories include dating, gambling, politics, and religion. It is now possible to filter these categories when choosing the placement of the ads.

• Option to block specific domains and applications: It is now possible to add a "black list" of domains and applications that you want to exclude.

You can check out Facebook Help section to get more info on how it is done.

If all of the described above is still not enough, we can add that there are examples of our clients’ campaigns where Facebook Audience Network gave quite impressive results.

Pay attention to the indicators including Clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR – these all are strong evidence of all stated above.

The conclusion is that no matter what is the purpose of your campaign, you should definitely try the Facebook Audience Network out. The results are not long in coming.

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