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The Future of Facebook Marketing

Aitarget reports from Facebook’s Global Partner Summit 2018

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Last week, Aitarget’s top management was in New York for the annual Global Partner Summit held on 10-11 October. Facebook invited hundreds of its marketing partners to talk about innovations, new models of collaboration, and the social network’s marketing future.

We’re sharing with you some of the most important news from the Summit.

Introducing Creative Compass

Perhaps this is the main news from the Summit: Facebook is launching Creative Compass, which allows businesses to evaluate: how attractive the visual part of their advertising is; whether it meets brand requirements; and how convincing the ad’s message and appeal are.

The tool will assign points for a number of indicators (including noticeability, brand association and fit, believability, etc.) and create a broad-based picture of each ad.

Source: Facebook

Creative Compass will become available to Facebook marketing partners next year.

Telling better Stories

Instagram is confidently moving towards a Stories-first platform, and Facebook suggests using Stories as one of the main advertising placements.

It has released ThruPlay, a new optimisation tool enabling businesses to pay only for video ads viewed for at least for 15 seconds.

Capturing better ads statistics

In some good news for creatives, Facebook has figured out a solution to the ad tracking problem when creators’ customers roll out advertising with creative made for them. Now a marker can be put on each creative, bringing in analytics no matter who else has run it. This will give a more accurate assessment of ad performance. This innovation will work for video, catalogues, playables, and soon for static images.

Templates and time saving in Business Manager

Facebook said businesses spend around 90 minutes setting up ad campaigns through Business Manager. Developers have now simplified ad cabinet setup, and templates (scripts) of settings will shorten that time and streamline the ad process.

SDK improvements

Using SDK in Facebook advertising will become easier and provide better analytics thanks to some changes Facebook is making:

  • Installing SDK will become easier thanks to a new tool that creates pairs for events and user actions in an app in Event Manager, rather than having to generate SDK code and put it down manually for all significant events in an app. Data on audience actions will transfer to Facebook instantly.

  • Facebook has solved an analytics problem of tracking events on both downloaded app and web source (standard SDK does not see the web part, while Pixel may neglect that events refer to the app). This follows a mobile app trend of app functionality not being limited by the device it’s installed on. Now a new Web SDK, a hybrid version combining SDK and Pixel events, means your analytics will not be puzzled by these differences.

Partnering up with the best

Facebook has opened a new partner programme and certification, and invited qualified professionals who can help companies implement advertising technologies and grasp the Pixel, Catalogue settings, dynamic ads and campaign settings.

The new programme has begun with Bronze certification (the only level available currently), and we are pleased to say Daria Vladimirova, Senior Agency Solutions Manager at Aitarget, has become Russia's first certified consultant.

To keep up with the latest innovations and updates that can take your online marketing to greater success on the world’s biggest platforms, contact Aitarget.

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