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Have Yourself a Merry ROAS Christmas: Five Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ads

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The colder the temperature gets, the closer we are to the most spectacular holiday of the year. The lights are twinkling, the carolers are warming up, and bang! In the blink of an eye we’re in full bloom of the biggest shopping and marketing season of the year.

But are you ready?

Drink in our five tips to make sure Santa leaves the best ROAS in your stocking this season.

Start Earlier, End Later

People kick off their holiday shopping earlier each year.

PHASE 1: Start connecting with shoppers well before the last-minute frenzy. Build your presence in their minds. Engage with them even more by the time holiday shopping begins.

PHASE 2: Don’t wrap your things up on the 2nd of January. Continue engaging people after the holidays; 62% of mobile-first shoppers surveyed say their shopping continues after the holiday season.

Focus on Mobile

Believe it or not, almost half of all global shopping is done through mobile technology, and 30% of shoppers worldwide use their mobile devices for holiday shopping, because it is more handy and efficient than visiting an offline store.

Adjust your website interface for mobile purchases. Implement express checkout. This will facilitate the best shopping experience and make satisfied customers come back.

Video, Video, Video

Facebook video ads increase brand awareness and purchase intent better rather than static images. Facebook predicts that by 2020 there will be a “solely mobile” global generation shaping the world. Embrace this shift towards video content: start incorporating mobile-first videos this holiday season.

Not convinced? Here’s more to think about: nearly one in three mobile shoppers in the US regard a video as the best medium for discovering new products.

Still undecided? Here’s more to read in our blog: Video Killed the Image Ad Star.

Start incorporating dynamic content into your marketing strategy and build feed-first video for maximum impact. Use Instagram Stories to excite your audience with unmissable content.

Be Dynamic

Dynamic Ads should become the integral part of your holiday SMM campaign, because they target the right audience with the most relevant products.

Dynamic ads are now available with overlays, which allow advertisers to add pricing dynamically (from both the “price” and “sale price” columns in the product feed). The price tags are customisable by shape (rectangle, circle, or triangle), font, colour, and position. Experiment with the diversity to make a memorable creative.

Be Mindful of Other Shopping Holidays

Focus on more than just these winter holidays. According to Facebook’s survey, online-driven shopping holidays go global, with no connection to a tradition or religion of a certain nation. One example is Singles’ Day (11 November): originating in China, it then went massive worldwide. As a result, many companies are now seizing an opportunity to launch relevant promotions in association with that day. For example, the ‘holiday’ emerged in Spain thanks to imports from China.

So we say identify the behaviours of overseas marketers that export into your region. Use Facebook IQ’s Cross-Border Insights Finder to determine new behaviours in your own market driven by global marketers, and harness Facebook ads to boost your ROAS.

This is it. Are you ready to deliver? Santa is.

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