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Hooray! We now support Instagram Stories Placement for Video Views Objective

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We added the latest feature for Creating Video Ads optimized by Video Views to Aitarget Tool for Facebook Ads.

This is one of the most important tools for those who are interested in building knowledge of their product and brand via video views optimization objective and in getting feedback from the new placement audience feedback.

Here’s how you can create your Instagram Stories Video Campaign:

1. Go to and open your ad account by clicking its name

2. Then click the green button “Create Campaign”:

3. Next, choose Video Views:

4. And finish steps 1-2 as shown below:

5. In Step 3, choose your target audience and get the placement Instagram Stories

6. In Step 4, upload your video ad (or choose it from the media library)

  • Videos for ads in Instagram Stories must be 9:16 or taller. If images are taller than 9:16, Instagram only shows the center section. If an image or video is shorter than 9:16, when you create ad creative, it fails. The minimum image or video resolution is 600x1067px.
  • You cannot use image crop specs with ads in Instagram Stories, so you cannot have a 1080x1080px image and use an image crop spec to get 600x1067px.
  • Video cannot be longer than 15 seconds less than the limit of 60 seconds for Instagram Stream. Video size should be 2.3 GB max
  • You cannot use carousel ads with Instagram Stories.

7. The Next Step is to click the “Create an Ad” button, and in case of success you’ll see this notification window:

Click to Continue.

8. To watch the preview, you have to switch the dashboard to ads and click the preview button:

9. You’ll see the preview of your Instagram Stories Ad:


  • As ads in Instagram Stories only show the advertiser's Instagram account name and profile picture, you cannot set all other visible fields, including message, title, link, caption, CTA button, and so on.
  • Tapping on an Instagram stories ad will open the next story.
  • Posts and post-moderation are not available in Instagram stories which are not posts open to like or comment.

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