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How can I make money on CPA-offers without risking getting banned by Facebook

Want to get rich and chill out by the pools of luxury resorts?

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You can do it in multiple ways. For instance, invent a new Microsoft or launch a second Uber or any other mind-blowing startup. Or you can simply promote CPA offers on Facebook.

During Moscow Affiliate Conference affiliates flooded us with numerous questions asking what kind of content are they allowed to promote on Facebook.

And we’ve decided to also share that info with you.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the most rapidly growing social network. Facebook MAU is over 1.9 billion people, and it continues to grow (17% yearly). Instagram MAU is already over 700 million people.

You can have access to a quite huge audience.

Start of the Big Journey

So here I am, young and promising CPA specialist, I’m here to convey priceless messages to my audience and sell them ‘the bestest’ black mask.

Here’s a list of what might stand in my way.
First of all, remember: there are two types of CPA: Black CPA offers and White CPA offers.

When an advertiser promotes a black offer, he does not follow Facebook Ad Policies (we’ve already mentioned that case here).

Blackhat traffic is a ridiculously dangerous road leading nowhere. Facebook just labels your account as completely untrustworthy its reputation is doomed and the disable reason you get is ‘ADS_INTEGRITY_POLICY’. What do you get? No profit, no nothing.

Here are recent cases of banned offers which violated FB policy

Ewww, right?

Now then your offer must never:

  • include any text or image with any mentions of threats to life

  • be ugly

  • has info that doesn’t match what was stated in the text or picture

White offers

The info stated in the pic matches real product properties. The link leads to the product page and does not redirect users somewhere else.

The way to stellar performance

Your business is growing rapidly and manually scaling it becomes impossible, so you decide to buy traffic through Aitarget Tool.

Our and Facebook’s automatization rules are pretty different. The algorithm checks your ad performance at regular customized intervals starting at (from) 15 minutes. Facebook on the other hand only checks your performance daily.

Moreover, our feature can keep even deeper metrics under control, such as ROI or ROAS, LTV and Retention Rate.

Here’s an example of our working rules

Strategy explanation

  1. If in last seven days cost per purchase is less than $17.7 and your daily budget is less than $30, then we up it by 20%.
  2. If in the last seven days cost per purchase is greater or equal $17.8 and ROI is less or equals 0.7 in the same seven days then we lower our budget by 21%.
  3. That was one of the automatization strategies that really work.

Here is a spend growth chart compared to the amount of purchases after applying our strategies.

The taste of success

I, a successful businessman, travel a lot and login into my account from different countries. Because of it, my Facebook account is put under scrutiny and can be easily blocked. Though if I log in through Aitarget cabinet Facebook does not label my account as a suspicious one.


  • Facebook & Instagram are best traffic sources
  • Facebook loves white offers. Black ones are always banned
  • Ban harms the account reputation. And because of this the account itself can be blocked over time
  • To prevent ban promote white offers
  • Approach to the purchase wisely and use Aitarget automatization rules for your key metrics
  • Learn more about new policy restrictions here.
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