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How Video Can Drive Your Success

A case study on boosting your ad performance with Aitarget’s video tool

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From 2018-2020, the biggest social media trend will be the growth of video. That’s what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in November 2017. “When done well, video brings us closer together,” said Zuckerberg, noting that the social media giant would encourage community building around videos and the active sharing of videos, rather than just passive watching.

Use of video boosts both posts and advertising. Facebook videos are shared 10 times more than Youtube videos; social media users are seven times more likely to share captivating videos than links; and video ads are more likely than static ads to increase brand awareness and intent to purchase.

We’ve covered more about the growing importance of video in “Video Killed the Image Ad Star”.

At Aitarget, we’ve long been ahead of the video curve. In 2016 we created Aitarget Video Tool, a solution that automatically creates a video based on a few pictures and customises it based on user targeting. Just select your preferred locations, submit your images to us, and you’ll get videos tailored and relevant to any user in any of those cities.

This tool can help businesses in several ways, tackling the following challenges and delivering good results:

  • Personalisation: personalised videos drastically increase relevance for users, and positively impact engagement and conversions. Our tool makes it easy to localise videos with targeting options (e.g. language, country, demographics, etc.), automatically creating personalised videos.

  • Relevance: videos can be refreshed and updated automatically, allowing you to use the latest data or highlight new products. An example was our hyper-personalisation for

  • Workload: our tool allows businesses to quickly and easily create videos at scale automatically, significantly reducing timeframes and the work involved. Videos can be based on client, Aitarget, and bespoke templates. With our automated tool videos can be in front of customers much faster than with a production team.

  • Formatting: unlike other tools, Aitarget’s can make all necessary adjustments for a variety of ad placements, whether for Facebook News Feed, Instagram News Feed, Instagram Stories, or Snapchat.

  • Customisation: the Aitarget team is very flexible and can customise existing templates to client needs, brand identity, and so the videos best represent your business and brand.

  • Control: we have an open set of templates giving full control of quality to meet client needs. Our clients can change anything in their video at any point of the design process.

  • Quality assurance: Aitarget’s expert team assists at every stage of video creation and application.

Case Study: MosTaxi

MosTaxi and their agency iProspect teamed with Aitarget with the objective of attracting a new audience, promoting their app for taxi orders, decreasing CPI, and increasing user conversions to a first ride.

While MosTaxi was offering new users a free first ride, they also wanted to highlight a large number of points, including card payment, a 17% discount when a taxi order was made by the mobile app, free Wi-FI, and a free child’s booster seat.

Aitarget’s video tool was able to take all of these various parameters into consideration - something that would be too much for a static ad.

Creating a video ad with Aitarget was ideal.

To start with, MosTaxi’s cost per installation (CPI) was $2.45 on average, with a very high cost of conversion for first ride.

What we did

We helped create a campaign targeting app installs. Aitarget’s video tool automatically created numerous customised videos for MosTaxi, based on the original static ads.

Those videos were used in promotional campaigns on both the Android and iOS platforms. The result was CPI decreasing by 12% on Android and 23% on iOS.

In addition, the number of people who decided to try the MosTaxi service and convert to taking the first ride grew by 12.5%.

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