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Lingo Vocabular Trainer: exceeding expectations

Success story of a mobile app for language learning

The verified way to increase installs 2 times and in-app purchases 1.7 times on Facebook&Instagram

Edutainment is a way to learn languages interactively with a fast-growing popularity. It is the educational content served in an entertaining format. Edutainment becomes quite common among app developers in the category of "Education": its market share hit 8.82% by June 2016 and is growing on Appstore according to Pocket Gamers statistics, while, on Google Play, it is the Top-1 category with the 7.95% market share according to Appbrain statistics.

About product

Our client Lingo Vocabulary Trainer by Easy Language is on the rise in this group. This app helps to memorize English, French, German, Spanish words (and in 7 other languages). Users either readily learn languages thanks to Lingo app or practice it online with other players all around the world.

Advertiser Goals

Founders of Easy Language laid down an aim to increase their app installs globally in the long term with a Cost per Install not more than a fixed number.

What we did with Aitarget

The campaign showed the mentionable result right at the end of the first week on the back of chosen strategy. Costs decreased, CTR increased, CPI reduced twice, and installs’ number grew up to 50%.

Client Testimonial

Oleg Ivanov, Founder of Lingo Vocabulary Trainer:
— It is the great tool for Facebook&Instagram ad campaigns optimization. It helps to achieve your KPI the way you cannot approach via Facebook tools. Thanks to Aitarget solution, CVR went up to 10%, we see profit growth and 2X-ad cost reduction.

Pursuing high sales

It's obvious that only installs cannot be the endpoint in business: it has to be profitable. We in Aitarget with developers of Lingo Vocabulary Trainer embarked in the multiplication of sales while keeping costs at the same level.

Business Model:

Lingo Vocabulary App earns money from subscriptions. Users from Russia, the U.S., the U.K, Spain, and e.t.c. can learn languages with their monthly subscription to the Lingo app.

Marketing Goals:

  • Scale. The sales size is important, so we tried to get as more as possible in-app subscriptions.
  • Price. Keep the price at the same level as before to keep the margin.
  • Service. Help Service was a must during a Facebook campaign teamwork.
  • Stability. It is important to predict installs, costs, and LTV for a growing business.

What we did with Aitarget tool

Firstly, we provided a sustainable traffic to the mobile app while the campaign experienced the CPI 2-times reduction and Install number growth up to 50%. Then we focused on in-app purchase cost.
Without rules automation, there were not more than 50 purchases per day. Its costs hardly fell for control by rules.

We set up the CPM bid and optimization for CPI. Also, we tuned a narrow band for a cost of in-app purchase between Х_max and X_min, setting up the bid for CPI.

How rules looked:

Ruleset 1:

If a cost of at least one in-app purchase exceeds Хmax, while the bid starts increasing from 0.31 USD, then the robot reduces bid by 0.05 USD.

The output from Ruleset 1: traffic is expensive for us, we'll turn off the adset.

Ruleset 2.

If a cost of at least one in-app purchase is less than Хmin, while the bid doesn't exceed the set maximum of 3 USD, then the robot increase bid by 0.05 USD.

The output from Ruleset 2: the cost of purchase is acceptable, so we are likely to buy such cheap purchases more.

Ruleset 3.

The third ruleset is called an "Accelerated Delivery."
If the amount spent and a bid are less than 2.3 USD by 7 am, then we grow the bid by 0.05 USD. If the amount spent and a bid are less than 3.1 USD after 7 am, then we also grow the bid by 0.05 USD.

We increased sales 1.7 times with Aitarget rule automatons while a cost per purchase didn't exceed the optimal value. Consequently, Lingo Vocabulary Trainer generates sales with a high scale and buoyant profit with Aitarget advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

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