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Make your video vertical and multiply your in-app purchases by 6

A verified way to increase installs by 2.3 times and in-app purchases by almost 6 times simply by optimizing your video format on Facebook and Instagram

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You can also take a look at this success story pdf on our Facebook Marketing Partners page.

As you probably know, every advertiser has the opportunity to integrate their video messaging into a native experience on Facebook and Instagram.

People naturally hold their phones vertically

A recent Facebook study has found that people respond more positively to vertical videos, which are more likely to be watched for longer and with sound.
With the help of ten brand advertisers in North America, Latin America, and Europe, the impact of vertical video ads was tested against horizontal and square video ads. The tests used the same creative, video length, targeting, budget and bid, with the only difference in aspect ratio. Seven of the ten tests showed that vertical video ads drove an incremental increase in brand lift, including a three- to nine-point increase in ad recall.

You can use vertical videos for Facebook News Feed, Instagram, and Instagram Stories ads, though the aspect ratio would differ.

We want to share an extraordinary story about the vertical video format power. Our client decided to launch two campaigns. One consisted of ads with horizontal video creative, and the other with vertical video to make it more effective. Thus we had a perfect evidence of mind-blowing effectiveness of vertical video format.

Just take a look at the metrics. They speak for themselves.

We can see a drastic increase through the whole sales funnel: from video views to purchases

This is a perfect example of vertical video effectiveness. Why pay more when you can reach such metrics simply be adjusting video format? You can even use your horizontal video creative and crop and alter it a bit. Cheap and effective.

Though shooting video for vertical and mobile from the start, instead of just modifying existing horizontal creative, may help ensure your campaigns have the maximum impact.

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