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Mapping Out a Path to Success

How a navigation app doubled installs with Aitarget’s automation tools

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How do you stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness in a market that’s saturated with a variety of similar products? That was the challenge facing, a mobile application that offers offline maps of all the countries in the world, for free.

The map app market is dominated by Google Maps, which is favored by 70 percent of iPhone users. partnered with Aitarget to increase awareness of their brand, to scale and amplify its reach. We launched a campaign to strengthen its acquisition rate among mobile users, and spread its reputation as a trusted offline map source to a much larger audience.

Why a brand awareness campaign?

Brand awareness campaigns target people who are most likely to be interested in a business, as Facebook connects brands with users who are similar to their current clients.

Such campaigns help businesses introduce people to their brand and products, by promotion “in the places where people discover new things”; among Facebook and Instagram communities who watch videos and are looking to discover new things every day.

A well-executed campaign can prompt an audience to explore a businesses website, page, or app, and encourage them to remember the creative ads, and therefore the brand or product.

Our challenge

In a saturated market for map applications, the main challenge for Aitarget and was to increase their app’s market share and establish its position as the most popular product in their niche.

Our solution

While traditional brand awareness campaigns on social media can be great for brands, they cannot be optimised for installs. was keen to increase both overall awareness of its brand and the number of installs of its app. So we came up with a cost-effective solution to run an App Install campaign and restrict the CPI for each region through automation rules. Aitarget’s automated bid control strategy helped our client get a significant reach.

“In terms of scale and high-quality traffic, Facebook and Instagram are irreplaceable partners,” said Yury Gursky, Ex Vice-President of Mail.RU Group. “Working with Aitarget let us get maximum profit.”

The campaign reached 55 million users in more than 50 countries, and contributed to a doubling in’s mobile app installs, as well as +9 points install growth rate for from-click-to-install conversions. More installs, and much greater brand awareness.

“Aitarget is a really powerful tool for optimising Facebook campaigns,” said Alexander Bobko, CMO at “It helps us to support thousands of real-time working creatives. We are really excited to use the Automation tool which helps us to acquire thousands of high-quality installs every day with low CPI.

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