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Meet Facebook Ads Manager for Excel (Beta)

Excel Add-in allowing advertisers to automatically download ads data

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Facebook Ad Manager for Excel is an Excel Add-in allowing advertisers to automatically download their ads data into Excel for analysis, reporting, pivoting, and graphing. In the future, we'll enable ads creation and management abilities directly in this plugin.

This add-in works in: Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2016 or later.

Instruction for launch:

Step 1: Click to launch Office with Facebook Ads Manager for Excel (Beta): go to the link below.

Step 2: Start your add-in. You're nearly there! But if you don't see a way to get started with the add-in, follow these steps:

To finish installing, click 'Trust this Add-in' on the add-in panel.

How to start your add-in directly within Microsoft Office

Once you have installed your add-in, you can launch it within Microsoft Office by clicking on the 'Insert' tab, then clicking 'My Add-ins'.

1. To find your add-ins, click on the 'Insert' tab in the top ribbon of your Office application.

2. Click 'My Add-ins' to view your installed add-ins. On some versions of Microsoft Office, this button may read 'My Apps'.

Did you know you can discover exciting new add-ins right inside Microsoft Office? Browse different categories, search for new add-ins and extend the power of your Office!

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