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Opportunities without borders: new Facebook insights help advertisers tap into cross-border markets

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Which markets are most expensive for advertisers? Which have the best conversion rates, or are the most competitive? Facebook’s updated version of its powerful Facebook IQ site, which offers advertisers insights into consumer behavior and industry trends, gives you the answers.

With over a billion active daily users, Facebook offers unprecedented information to help advertisers build better campaigns. A helpful new addition to Facebook IQ’s tools and resources is Cross Border Insights Finder, which provides a deeper look into international market opportunities for advertisers based on their location and vertical.

At Aitarget, we played around with this tool and retrieved a global ranking of 237 countries to explore and compare Facebook advertising costs, which markets have the best conversion rates, and auction saturation.

Below is a graphic of our findings broken down by cost, conversion rates, and competition (auction saturation), in three interactive maps.

Here are the top 10 most expensive, best converting and most saturated regions:

While there is generally a clear correlation between cost and competition, some markets stand out from this tendency.

Japan was the most expensive market, but ranked only 122nd in advert competition, which may indicate auctions there have artificially raised prices due to significant overbidding. A similar situation on a lesser scale is observed in Hong Kong, Switzerland, South Africa, and Macau.

Some markets were competitive, but ineffective (ie low conversion rates), including Svalbard and Jan, Mayen, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Pitcairn Islands, Christmas Island, and Iceland.

13 regions showed a great ratio of cost and conversion, making them the most attractive markets for Facebook advertising at this time: Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Yemen.

You can see the complete list of countries’ ranking and get more insights by clicking here.

To gain more insight into key international market opportunities by vertical and objectives, visit the Cross Border Insights Finder site:

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