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Paid Social by Aitarget to build bridges between continents

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If you have ever tried to manage a startup in a fast-paced digital marketing environment, on a low budget, with competitors literally breathing down your neck, then the Marketing Workshop for startups organized by Starta Accelerator in New York would have been for you.

Representatives of eleven Eastern European startups gathered in Manhattan this September to get some insight on how to complete and define product/market fit, gain traction in the United States, raise Series A funding, and more. The ultimate goal was to become part of the local startup and investing ecosystem in the US and exchange experiences of conquering the North American market.

Historically, many post-Soviet startups were desperate to gain access to development money and to become part of a favorable economic environment. “Fear Not!” said the good people at Starta Capital, and so Starta Accelerator was born. The brainchild of Ekaterina Dorozhkina, Managing Partner at Starta Capital & Accelerator, Starta Accelerator is a New York based initiative designed to bring together, inspire and accelerate the growth of Eastern European startups.

Ekaterina aspires to turn these meetups into a “brand” that could help startups pave their way to the USA (and investors). “I believe offering our so-called students easily digestible information in just one place can prevent them from making expensive entrepreneurial mistakes,” said Ms. Dorozhkina.

That is why the Aitarget leaders were invited to speak at the meetup. We shared our most powerful and fruitful marketing strategies raising the crucial question of how to scale a business at a fast and furious pace.

We strongly believe that Paid Social is the answer, as Facebook is a great source of leads and ready-to-buy clients. As the famous Zark Muckerberg (hope we didn’t misspell the name, the guy is everywhere) recently said, “When you bring people together, you never know where it will lead”. Rationally, if you bring your business closer to people, it will lead to your profit. Sure, easier said than done.

The process of creating ads, choosing ad formats, allocating budgets, managing bids, analyzing performance is time-consuming and rather challenging. The winning strategy would be to trust building a comprehensive strategy to professionals and use automation tools to optimize the ad performance. Productive social advertising tactics and optimized tasks make all businesses from small to large succeed in the fast-paced digital marketing environment.

Don't fret if you didn't make it to the meetup, learn more about how Aitarget could help you to survive in the startup business reality by clicking the link below. Our expert team is happy to build durable intercontinental bridges between your business and customers.

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