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Play Today scales up globally with Aitarget

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You can also take a look at this success story pdf on our Facebook Marketing Partners page.

Who they are

Play Today create games played by millions of people around the world. They focus exclusively on mobile and social network games.
In September 2011 the company started developing games for most popular platforms on the market, including iOS and Android. Play Today is in Top 20 developers of Russia.

Their goal:

A global increase in number of installs while staying ROI-positive

What did Aitarget do?

Using Aitarget’s tool with automated rules allowed Play Today to extend their presence in Tier-1 countries like The US, Great Britain, Germany and others, setting up the CPI at the level of $2.

The corridor strategy with maximal and minimal CPI limits was their key to success. For instance, if the CPI was too high the rule was set to decrease the bid and up the bid in case of low CPIs. Then the team expanded to Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets.


Installs number increased by 2.5 times,
ROI maintained at higher than 100% for both iOS and Android platforms per month.


"Aitarget’s Automations helped us to get rid of time-consuming routine actions and led us to the results we had dreamt of. We always had a robust and lovely customer support from the dedicated performance team 24/7"

— Lena Gerasimova, Play Today​

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