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Aitarget + Snapchat

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Snap-snap, terrific news! Aitarget has launched a collaboration with Snapchat.

The Snapchat audience consists of 166 million hyper engaged and active millennials. According to AdWeek, they snapchat on average 25-30 mins a day, whereas instagramers use the application only about 15 mins a day.

Snapchat advertising has already proved to be up to 2-3 times more effective than campaigns in other platforms. Our first test campaigns have shown that the platform indeed works better with the eCPI of $1.18 for one of our gaming clients.

Together with us you can:

- buy advertisements in the USA, UK, France, Brazil and 33 more countries using Snapchat Ad Accounts bypassing Snapchat’s approval process, and

- optimise campaigns with an automation tool specifically developed for Snapchat.

The tool allows you to set up flexible logic rules not supported by Snapchat, and work with complex metrics not calculated by Snapchat or arranged by clients themselves (ROI, CPI, etc.). We will do our best to keep your campaigns under control regardless of their amount!

As always for our cared clients, we provide full SwaS (Software with a Service) support, and share our best automation strategies. Most importantly – we guarantee that our first clients will get the best possible price of the product and it will never exceed 5% of media cost.

Sounds exciting? Snap and click here to get the product info. However, we recommend you writing directly at and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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