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Snapping Up Success

Aitarget shares its Snapchat insights and expertise at AdSummit Kyiv 2018

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Running ads on Snapchat can be a great way for advertisers to expand their reach, Aitarget’s Alina Zherebtsova and Elvira Deryabina told an audience of industry experts and world-leading online marketers at the recent AdSummit in Kyiv on 16-17 May.

Aitarget had been invited to present a session at the two-day conference due to our Snapchat expertise, and the success our clients have had on the fast-growing platform.

More than 500 people attended Ad Summit Kyiv 2018. Presentations on key issues were made by speakers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other leading online businesses. The conference was orientated towards top management and leading marketers, and was particularly focused on video, mobile, and programmatic advertising.

Snap your Success: how to scale your business with Snapchat advertising

On the second day of the conference, Alina Zherebtsova, Aitarget’s Business Development Manager, and Elvira Deryabina, our Client Service Manager, delivered a presentation sharing insights on Snapchat audience statistics, the possibilities of the platform for advertisers, and how to harness mind-blowing creative to skyrocket campaign performance.

Key takeaways from Aitarget’s presentation include:

  • Given that according to Snapchat, 40% of its daily users can’t be found on other social media platforms on any given day, running Snap Ads can be a great way to expand your reach to a unique and otherwise unreachable audience.

  • Snapchat is continuing to grow quickly, with 63 countries currently available for targeting via a Snapchat ad account.

  • Snapchat is particularly popular with the college-age audience; in the US, UK, France, and Canada it offers more reach to the 18-20-year-old age group than Facebook and Instagram. It is also more popular than Instagram in Australia.

Alina and Elvira shared a case study: a top-five health tech app in the US that helps women lose weight through changes in physical activity, food intake, and emotional habits. The app’s partnering with Aitarget saw a doubling in traffic, a 30% decrease in CPP, and a 30% increase in conversions from instal to purchase.

Aitarget believes Snap Ads are a timely option for advertisers, given the platform’s unique and fast-growing audience and the comparative lack of competition. There are still ‘pioneer advantages’ to be gained by utilising the Snap Ads platform.

The Snap Success Formula: Snapchat’s unique audience + Your mind-blowing creative that hooks the audience x Aitarget’s automations and expertise = skyrocketing success.

Other Ad Summit highlights

The readiness of technology companies to meet the requirements of the GDPR was a hot topic, getting mentioned in almost every presentation. As well as challenges, other speakers provided insights into key trends in digital advertising.

  • Don’t just focus solely on mobile: Dominik Woeber, Google’s Head of Performance Sales in Central Europe, encouraged companies to look beyond mobile, noting 51% of people never install new apps on their smartphones, but there 100+ new URLs monthly - focusing on mobile can deprive you of a large audience.

  • Video is King: Keenan Timko, Senior Account-Director of Twitter, said “Video will be 78% of global mobile traffic worldwide by 2021” and “80% of video content is seen vs 48% of photos”.

  • Facebook and the future: Vera Ivaschenko, Client Solution Manager at Facebook, provided deeper understanding of how Facebook advertising works, stressing that who you show your ads to matters more than where you show your ads. Her colleague Lukasz Leoniewski, Partnership Manager at Facebook, reiterated the growing importance of video ads, shared that Messenger was now a marketplace and not just for chatting, and talked about Facebook Workplace being used by large companies and the Facebook Marketing Partnership programme.

Overall, Ad Summit Kyiv 2018 was a well-organised conference that brought together industry experts and top specialists from all over the world, giving us all an opportunity to share expertise, case studies, and learn best practices to help our clients.

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