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The offline-conversions measuring tool is now available

Nowadays advertisers have the ability to track what actions users make offline right after seeing and clicking the ad.

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Increasing number of studies on the omnichannel of sales prove that most of the people who came to the store make a purchase under the influence of digital environment. For instance, in 2015 in the US almost 90% of people have visited shop’s website before making an offline purchase; and made the second or third purchase already on the website.

Offline conversion are useful to:

  • Make the cross-channel retargeting of users, namely, to attract more customers from the offline to online, where it is much easier to work on the recommendations and track information about purchases.
  • The tool allows you to keep track of transactions in a traditional retail store and other offline channels (e.g. phone orders) after people have seen or clicked on the ad on Facebook.
  • It also helps to optimize your advertising costs and increase revenues because the optimization algorithm is calculating the probability of purchase for those who are similar to your customers more accurately, not only online but also offline

How does it work?

In its simplest form, in order to track offline conversions you will need:

  • A group of files with the data on the offline events. These includes the data on the actions your customers made offline that you need to upload to Facebook.
    This data is divided into 4 types and can contain up to 17 identifications that are going to be compared with the people from the target audience. After loading, the data is hashed, so to guarantee data safety. This gives Facebook the ability to consider these events as a consequence of viewing or interacting with a running advertising campaign.
  • Advertising account on Facebook.
  • Business Manager Account on Facebook

As a result, after loading groups of offline events into the «Business Manager», you'll get a matching of the data from your active campaigns that are set up to keep track of offline events.

Details on how to use this feature are written at the Facebook Business section handbook.

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If you want to know more about Facebook & Instagram opportunities for online and offline retailers, feel free to ask for advice from the Aitarget Reselling Department.

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