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Tunneling your way to success

How Aitarget helped action game Hopeless 2 tame the Facebook bid

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Whether individuals or businesses, we’re all looking to connect on social media. Are you an advertiser that’s finding Facebook and Instagram traffic can be high quality, but expensive?


How can you expand your reach to users who’d be most interested in what you have to offer, without blowing your advertising budget? The case of action game Hopeless 2 shows a clear pathway, using Aitarget’s ‘tunnel strategy’ to automate the process and optimise your results.


When we’re looking to manage the Facebook ad bid, win the auction, and generate the maximum number of installs, we need to have a clear and effective strategy.


If you’re targeting an audience with specific interests with a small reach, your potential audience could quickly ‘burn out’. When that happens, the frequency of one ad per one user will increase, and Facebook’s algorithms will start to show your ad to all chosen users. This isn’t a great situation: it can mean that not only will users who have shown interest in such products or services (and are likely to go to the AppStore via your ad) see your ad, but also users who have absolutely no interest or may complain about your ad’s relevance to them.

Tunnel strategy

Using our ‘tunnel strategy’ can help you avoid such a situation. Implementing this strategy with Aitarget’s automation tool saw CPI plummet for our client Hopeless 2, a Google Play Editor’s Choice action game.

Managing and optimising your advertising on Facebook is a crucial step at getting the desired return. Processing and maintaining auction flow at the appropriate level is a tiresome job, as Facebook’s bidding process can be complicated and require a lot of knowledge and practice. Having a trusted automated system is a beneficial step you can take to make sure your campaign runs smoothly.

The tunnel strategy needs two sets of values: the floor and cap for Cost per Result (CPC, CPI, or another desired action), and the upper and lower bid limit for Facebook Ad Auction.

In order to implement this strategy, you need a clear picture of your goal, the results you are aiming for, and what you’re willing to pay (for each result, bid, and total budget).

Using Aitarget’s automated tool and this strategy, your Facebook bid will change within your set boundaries, helping you to achieve the best results at a lower overall cost.

Case Study: Hopeless 2

For our client Hopeless 2, we at Aitarget implemented a Facebook and Instagram campaign, targeted towards men, 18 to 34 years old.

We articulated the CPI (cost per install) should be no higher than $0.60. We were puzzled when Facebook’s algorithm recommended a CPI estimate of $2.14.

For placement we chose Facebook and Instagram Newsfeed and Audience Network. We used our tool to fix the parameters of the CPI by creating three basic rules, which adjusted the bid to our requirements. Here is the guide to creating a campaign with Aitarget.

Our goal was to balance the bid between $0.10 and $1, with flexibility of $0.10, while simultaneously managing the CPI between $0.50 and $0.60. We set up an initial condition which had to be followed: a reach of more than 15 installs. (The initial condition needs to be taken into account in developing the strategy, in order to obtain the minimum valid statistics for optimization).

As you can see from the graph below, immediately after the campaign launch, the CPI increased to the bid amount. A few days later, the CPI cost began to fall then continued to plummet. Therefore, we recalculated the CPI over a longer time interval (the ratio of spend to the number of installations). The CPI eventually reached a minimum point of $0.32, and the core source of installments was Instagram.


Navigating the waters of Facebook ad buying can be complex and intimidating. Even when advertisers set budget limits, sometimes the Facebook algorithm will return over-budget results. Our tool allows advertisers to create a good strategy for the Facebook bid, and acquire all possible traffic at fixed prices. In addition, our tool lets advertisers create strategies for managing ads, which are based on the KPI for an advertiser - CPA, ROI, ARPU, LTV and others. Our tool also enables automation of any actions: changing the bid/budgets, turning on/off ad sets, etc.

All in all, Aitarget tool streamlines the process, makes the complex manageable, and empowers advertisers to reach the right audience on budget.

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