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What if Facebook and Aitarget statistics differ?

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If you see discrepancies between Facebook and Aitarget statistics, this article is a must-read for you. Usually, there shouldn’t be any discrepancy between your Facebook and Aitarget cabinets’ statistics.

However, if you’ve encountered this issue, make sure that your measurements are not the reason.

There are two common mistakes that users make while comparing statistics:

1. Metrics

Nine times out of ten, users compare different metrics.

That’s because in Facebook and Aitarget cabinets there are several types of Clicks metrics.

(To see all of them, go to “Customize Columns” — “Clicks”).

In Facebook’s “Customize Columns” window, you can find the following Clicks metrics:

Clicks (All) — is for the total number of times users click on your ad.

This metric includes Likes, Comments, Events Responses, App Installs, etc.

Link Clicks — is for the number of times users click on your link.

Button Clicks — is for the number of clicks on the CTA (Call-To-Action) button in your advert.

Social Clicks — is the number of clicks (all) when your ad was displayed with social information, which shows other Facebook friends who engaged with your Facebook Page or ad. (These are: Likes, Event Responses, etc.)

In Aitarget statistics the same metrics have different names. That is the reason why advertisers think their statistic data differs from FB to Aitarget cabinet.

Clicks — means the total number of Clicks on your ad.

Clicks (Link) — is the number of Clicks on the link.

Please, make sure that you evaluate the same metrics in Facebook and Aitarget cabinets.

2. Pay attention to the attribution window

Attribution is the tool that helps you understand the actions taken as a result of your ad during a particular period.

You may want to use attribution to see how many people engaged with your brand on Facebook or made a purchase on your website after seeing or clicking on your Facebook ad.

The number of days between a moment when a person viewed or clicked your ad and then subsequently took action is called an attribution window. Сheck this page for more information.

In Facebook ads report, you can choose 1-day, 7-day and 28-day attribution windows.

For example, a 24-hour attribution window accounts for all conversions made within one day after your ad has been viewed. A 28-day window (for Link Clicks) counts conversions that occurred within 28 days after the user has clicked on your ad.

By default, the attribution window is set to one day view and 28-day click, which means you see attributed actions that happened one day after someone had viewed your ad and 28 days after someone had clicked your ad. You can change your attribution window to show view and click attribution for one day, seven days, or 28 days.

Make sure that the attribution window settings on Facebook and Aitarget are set correctly.

To change the attribution window settings on Facebook, go to “Customize columns” — “Change attribution window.”

To change the attribution window in our tool, you need to do nearly the same: open the “Customize Columns” window and change settings for the “After viewing ad” and “After clicking ad” attribution in the lower-right corner.

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