What forms of payment do you accept?

      We work with invoices and bank cards.

      Can I run a free trial?

      Yes, for a 14-day trial you need to log in with your FB account at https://fb.aitarget.com and choose one of the plans.

      What is a minimum budget we need to work with a personal account manager from Aitarget?

      The minimum budget (or ad spend) is $10 000 a month.

      Is it a commission for a monthly ad spend on FB?


      How many ad accounts can I use?

      You can use an unlimited number of ad accounts tied up to your user profile.

      How much does your service cost?

      The pricing is based on your monthly FB ad spend on all your add accounts connected to Aitarget and the list of features you need.

      Do you work only on a prepaid basis?

      You pay as you go, based on a commission of your monthly ad spend on FB (postpayment). No long-term agreements.

      What if my ad spend exceeds my plan's limits?

      If you exceeded your plan's limit, you would be prompted to upgrade and notified additionally. All of your alerts and automation rules will stay tuned, but you won't be able to create new automations until you've upgraded.

      How can I cancel?

      You can cancel anytime, but you also need to notify our managers in a chat or at info@aitarget.com about your decision.

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