• Product

      Aitarget is the leading Facebook & Instagram platform to optimize and scale campaigns.

    • Workflow

    • Target Audience Splitting

      Target Audience Splitting is key for optimization.

      With Automatic Splitting, you can create campaign structure with a different combination of targeting parameters just in one click and find which combination works best for your business.

      Use one or many parameters to auto split:

      • Ages
      • Genders
      • Interests
      • Geos
      • Custom Audiences
      • Look-alikes
      • Placements
      • Devices
      • etc


    • Dynamic Creative Optimization

      A/B tests take time and budget.

      Thanks to Dynamic Creative Optimization you don't need to A/B test your creatives anymore. The system automatically experiments and delivers different variations of an ad's creative (image, title and text). After learning stage is done, for each user DCO selects the best combination to get the best results.

    • Automation

    • Advanced Rules

      • Flexible Logical Expressions (e.g. CPC > $2 AND Clicks > 10)
      • All Reporting Elements from Facebook and any integrated system (ROI, ROAS)
      • Advanced Rules (e.g AdSet CPI > AdCampaign CPI)

    • Advanced Actions

      • Start and Stop
      • Change Bid — recommended, relative or fixed with limits
      • Change Budget — relative, fixed with min and max limits
      • Duplicate — Stop AdSet (or Ad), Duplicate, Start new AdSet (or Ad) 
      • Rotate — Stop Ad and Start next in list
      • Label Management — for advanced strategies
      • Copy Ad Set — duplicating strategy

    • Measurement

    • Integration

      Statistics integration

      We believe that proper measurement is key to successful campaigns. That's why we are integrated with the most popular 3rd party measurements platforms, have 200+ integrations with CRMs and an API for custom integration.

      It doesn't matter whether you use a popular platform or a self-developed one you will always know the most accurate results of your campaigns.

    • Formula Builder

      Each client is unique

      We know that each client has their own plan for success. Some of them use CPI metrics, others look at ROI or ROAS.

      Therefore, we created the Formula Builder to make sure that you measure the most important indicators.

      You can make a formula to calculate indicators, show them in the dashboard, create automation rules and use them for optimization.

    • 24/7 support

    • SwaS (Software with a Service)


      Aitarget is a SwaS platform. It means that we not only give you a great technical solution but also support and teach you at each step to encourage you to achieve the best possible results.


      A dedicated account manager is happy to communicate with you by the most convenient channel of your choice: Skype, Phone, Email, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, etc. Along with a Solution Engineer your manager will solve any technical challenge you may face on the way.




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